Why MO1?
11:04 Apr 19, 2018  |  By
Why MO1?

Over the past 3 years the controversy surrounding YAB Dato’Seri Najib Tun Razak in connection to 1MDB has had the Malaysian public talking. So many questions.. so much confusion. The real shock came with the US Dept. of Justice (USDOJ) announcement in filing a civil forfeiture against assets in the US which have been ALLEGEDLY bought by monies misappropriated from 1MDB.


Now let’s not get into too much detail and let’s try to make this as simple as possible.  What the public should understand are the few following points which are:


  1. Its NOT a criminal case;
  2. It’s a CIVIL case against the PROPERTY;
  3. No individuals/nobody have been charged in the US Courts;
  4. 3 years after the announcement the case to forfeit the property has NOT EVEN BEGUN; and most importantly
  5. The Prime Minister of Malaysia has NOT been named as defendant this case.


This comes to the question why was he named MO1? The reasons are:

  • Because this is NOT a criminal case;
  • Up to this point there is no criminal case regarding 1MDB;
  • NO criminal process has been yet initiated;
  • NO individual has been charged; and
  • The PM is definitely NOT the target of US investigations.


The reason the PM was named as MO1 was to protect his status as the Malaysia’s premier in accordance to International Convention. The PM is not named in the United States court documents because he does not own any of the assets the investigators are still trying to forfeit which is why at the beginning of the suite he was named as MO1 so that there is no confusion. Unfortunately some people have taken this fact and twisted it around and say that the USDOJ is after the PM. If the PM were in anyway shown to have owned any of the assets in the suite then they would not have named him as MO1.


It is now 2018, the suite is still pending. Now let’s say the case begins, the USDOJ will still by law have to prove that some offence took place. This trial could then take years to be settled (and this is not including the time it would take to settle the appeals). The trial has not begun and people are already misjudging. What do I mean by misjudging? Well just because the PM’s name was mentioned in the documents it does not mean he is the criminal who masterminded all the allegations. And we ought to remember that these are still allegations.


The concern of the USDOJ is due to the fact there has been a complaint that a huge amount of money made its way into the US upon the USDOJ is interested to know where is the source of this money. It is not a criminal case and if (that is a big IF) should one ever arise it will only cause more difficulties for the as there has been no precedent of a civil forfeiture evolving into a criminal prosecution. Up till now no one has been named in the civil forfeiture suit i.e. the US Gov. vs (Individual). In fact right now there has been very little activity regarding the case and (again) no one has been named as criminal target.


Contrary to popular belief, the actual fact is that the USDOJ has taken precaution in the suite to show that they are NOT targeting any particular person within the Malaysian Government. This is also why the PM is named as MO1 in the suite. There is the misconception that because the PM is named as MO1 he is therefore guilty. This then brings me to the question does the general public really understand 1MDB or is everyone just interested to listen and believe alleged conspiracies against the PM? I’ll try to explain it in simple terms for the better understanding of everyone in the next article.


This is Part 1 of a 3 series to explain 1MDB