Retorting Nurul's satire
21:02 Feb 01, 2018  |  By
Retorting Nurul's satire

Dear Ms Nurul Izzah.

You talked about reformasi and justice. You talked about change. You potrayed as, if we the people of Malaysia were to give you a chance, you would create a utopia, where everything is perfect. If I may, as an ordinary rakyat, ask you a few questions:


1. Your acceptance of Tun Dr Mahathir, the man, which you have demonized as a totalitarian and dictator for 20 years, is now your best choice for change? How is it he has changed? He named himself as Pakatan Harapan's top dog before any proper concensus amongst you were made. Is that the attitude of a changed man?


2. Mahathir supported the repealing of the National Securities ncil laws, but didn't he grumbled about the repealing of the Internal Security Act? By the way, he never retracted those grumblings.


3. Is Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) not just a splinter from UMNO? Their structure mirrors UMNO. You want us to chose a party made of disgruntled UMNO members? A party headed by Mahathir and his son?

3. You talked about democracy but why is it your party is headed by your father, the President is your mother, Vice President is you, and your fathers former 'Political Secretary?

4. All you do is talked about change and it was actually believable for a time. But then you U-turned and embraced the man, who is the very epitome of everything you stood against? Are we that guillible? Maybe your reasons for doing so is justified but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. What is wrong with sticking to your original principles? Why embrace the evil, which had wrought many ills on this country?



Previously your genuine idealisme was very appealing. Now its genuinely Machiavellian i.e. u have truly embraced Mahathir in his ways. Are we truly dearth of young leaders, who could lead us into the future?


5. The final question. Mostly, you talked all the negatives of the current ruling government. What have you personally done to show you are the better alternative? I admire your passion and charisma, but what have u done to make our lives (those of us who live in your constituancy) better? What programs or consistant efforts have you done to make it better?


We voted for you twice yet your appearance is rare (consistant though when General Election dras near) and when you do appear, you just smile and talk nicely yet we are waiting like loyal fools for you to actually do reforms which will help us.


Besides UMNO bashing, when was the last time you voiced up the actual problems of your voters in your constituancy? If you cannot do for us, you want us to believe that you are  ready to do for the country? Talk is cheap YB. You cannot just go on thinking we'll just swoon at your sweet voice and pretty face everytime and hand the country to on a plate when in the end all you have actually done for us is give a token once-in-a-while appearance and sweet talk us. 


Don't be surprised, if we don't come out to vote, because right now from whichever party you are from, you are all the same.


* Writing from Bangsar South