Is a BERSIH rally planned for March '18?
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Is a BERSIH rally planned for March '18?

One could attribute BERSIH the credit for bringing public awareness to the electoral process. It was through their series of mass demonstration that BERSIH manage to keep the Election Commission on their toe and careful from blatant practises in the past to gerrymander constituencies and create fictitous phantom voters. They effectively ended that period of Malaysian history by bringing to light inconsistencies and irregularities in the electoral process.


To take up such noble cause, BERSIH should have stick to its original purpose of establishment and stay the course. The support in the form of manpower, publicity and voices extended by the opposition parties had influenced BERSIH to turn partisan and become part of their power struggle. BERSIH loses its independence and is seen as a mouth piece of the opposition.    


Few years ago, the ruling party exposed BERSIH for receiving funding from foreign sources with questionable agenda. More and more expose was made of BERSIH's association with a network of covert operation linked to personalities linked to foreign countries. As a result, support from true blue activists and supporters began to wane. BERSIH is seen as embarking in actions that is questionable in nature.


More bad publicity had taken their focus of the electoral reform agenda such as the ongoing court cases in volving one Dato Jamal Yunos in the last BERSIH demonstration. 


In the latest development, BERSIH made a call to protest the dileanation excercise undertaken by EC. The current exercise undertaken is done in accordance with the law and within the compulsory stipulated time for a delienation. Instead of raising credible inconsistencies and irregularities backed by proven facts and figues, they are indulging in political spinning.


Tun Dr Mahathir is now their spokesman who recently voiced concern on existence of 300 voters with similar name and same date of birth. That is rather fat fetch and remote possibility in these days of advance information system. It sounded similar to a claim made in the last general elections of hundreds of thousands of Bangla Deshi allowed to vote the ruling party with BERSIH maintained silence on such ridiculous claims.   


BERSIH have been actively involved to delay, obstruct and block the process through the courts by raising unfounded issues and it only got thrown out. This latest effort seemed to be a last ditch effort to delay the process from reaching Parliament where it takes only a simple majority to approve.


One could hear BERSIH making wild accusations that EC is realigning constituencies according to race with the purpose of creating more Malay majority areas. There is also the accusation that federal government is bulldozing the delienation exercise as an attempt by Barisan Nasional to cheat its way to win over Selangor state. This must be the most illogical accusations since opposition is under no threat of losing the state to BN and the ruling party at the federal level is without a leading personality to spearhead that effort.


BERSIH has no strong basis to deny EC work. The latest call for a mass protest is likely intended to create public dismay for a cheating one could find happening under the former EC Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid.


If the voice of protest is loud and widespreading, BERSIH will organise a demonstration to artificially create a wave of political resentment against the federal government. The month of March would be the perfect timing to do so. General election is drawing near and pundits are speculating it to be between March to the latest of JUne 2018.


The prelude to any BERSIH rally is an intensive cyber campaign. One wonder whose behind strategising their past effective camapign. 




Kenyataan Media

18 Januari 2018


Panggilan untuk 100,000 Pembantah Persempadanan Semula di Selangor

Gabungan Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (BERSIH 2.0) menyeru pengundi yang prihatin untuk mendaftar sebagai pembantah untuk pameran Syor-Syor Kajian Semula Persempadanan Bahagian-Bahagian Pilihan Raya Selangor yang kedua.

BERSIH 2.0 menyasarkan untuk mendapat 100,000 rakyat Selangor untuk mendaftar sebagai pembantah. Mengikut prosedur, bantahan yang sah untuk syor itu harus diwakili oleh jurucakap dan disertakan dengan sekurang-kurangnya 100 tandatangan untuk menyokong bantahan itu. Panggilan BERSIH bagi 100,000 pembantah adalah untuk menunjukkan protes rakyat terhadap persempadanan semula yang bercanggah dengan perlembagaan.

Walaupun syor kedua yang dicadangkan di Selangor telah diubah kembali kepada sempadan yang lebih kurang sama seperti yang digunakan pada tahun 2013, ini tidak bermakna bahawa kawasan-kawasan pilihan raya parlimen dan DUN ini bebas daripada pembahagian tidak sekata dan gerrymandering.

Ia adalah tanggungjawab dan hak pengundi untuk melindungi undi kita dan memastikan bahawa kuasa satu undi mempunyai representasi yang sekata di seluruh negara. Mereka yang berminat untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada proses ini boleh membantu dalam mana-mana atau semua cara berikut:
1) Daftar sebagai pembantah
2) Bantu mengumpul tandatangan untuk menyokong bantahan
3) Menjadi jurucakap bantahan

BERSIH 2.0 telah mengenal pasti lokasi di Selangor yang akan berfungsi sebagai pusat pengumpulan tandatangan bantahan dan senarai boleh didapati di Ini akan membantu untuk memudahkan penyelarasan dan mobilisasi untuk membantah persempadan kawasan pilihan raya yang tidak adil.

Hari terakhir untuk mengemukakan bantahan adalah 14 Februari 2018. Selepas itu, Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) akan menjalankan inkuiri tempatan untuk membincangkan masalah yang dinyatakan dalam surat bantahan. Laporan akhir persempadanan semula akan dihantar kepada Perdana Menteri untuk dibentangkan di parlimen.

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